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About Our Seattle, WA Corporate Outplacement Services Division

There are several reasons why companies opt to downsize. When the global market experiences a dip or corporations need to restructure, businesses are forced to take aggressive measures in order to cut costs and maintain operations. This is where PathFinder Information’s Seattle, WA Outplacement team becomes your main resource.

Our team at PathFinder Information Seattle Outplacement Services has years of experience handling and executing outplacement projects. We understand the intricacies of the process, and ensure the transition is easy, hassle-free and less complicated.

PathFinder Information Seattle Outplacement Services – How We Work?

PathFinder Information’s Seattle Outplacement Services are highly structured and organized, ensuring efficient and effective results. We enable your employees to find better employment opportunities with other organizations so they can survive the change easily. We help them relieve their social and financial stress, so they are less inclined to pursue your company for additional separation benefits and/or litigations.

Our primary purpose is to ensure smooth transition for you as well as your employee(s). We tackle employee reaction proactively, inhibiting negativity in your workforce as well as in the society at large. We protect the integrity of your brand image, and enable you to be seen as a socially-responsible enterprise. We work to promote your interests internally as well as externally!

Our Seattle, Washington Outplacement Services – What Do We Provide?

Our Seattle corporate outplacement services entails activities like building effective resumes, providing career consultation, mentoring, highlighting appropriate job opportunities, and helping the employee adjust in the new office environment. At PathFinder Information Seattle Outplacement Services, our focus is to provide uncontested attention and high quality outplacement services to you.

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