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Banking Outplacement

PathFinder Information’s Banking Outplacement Solution

In whatever arm of banking your firm is operating in, whether it be private banking, venture capitalism or wealth management, the changing face of the banking sector has seen an increase in need for banking outplacement solutions.

Pathfinder Information are experts in providing banking outplacement solutions that help employees and firms realize their full potential! We protect a firm’s brand reputation by ensuring the entire transition process is carried out in a professional manner and in compliance with all employment laws.

As we work closely with participants of the banking outplacement program we help them in transitioning towards fulfilling their potential with a new employer or embarking on their own strategic plans.

What Will A Member Get From PathFinder Information’s Banking Outplacement Solution?

Each and every member of the banking outplacement program will have a plan focused around their career aspirations and goals. PathFinder Information can provide them with the following services, all of which result in higher interviewing and placement success rate industry standards.

  • Professional Resume Writing
  • Personalized Resume Distribution
  • LinkedIn Branding and Optimization
  • PathFinder Information Job Search Management Platform
  • Interviewing Techniques and Preparation
  • Job Search Strategies and Networking
  • Access to PathFinder Information’s Exclusive Job Board and Hiring Partners

Our experience within the banking market and the network of banking recruitment specialists we have access around the country, allows our Banking outplacement professionals to match your former employees with the opportunity that best suits them.

We do not purely use experience and skills as a way of linking people with the right job, but we get to know the individual’s personality so that we can point them in the right direction based on characteristics such as patience, tenacity, honesty, integrity and communication amongst many other criteria.

Advantages For Members Of The Banking Outplacement Solution

Your firm will benefit from engaging with an expert in banking outplacement solutions as our package will be tailored to your needs.

Employee motivation will increase, as clear visibility will be given to the objectives of the program and how it will help your firm grow in the future.

Our banking outplacement solution will be delivered in a timely and cost efficient way reducing disruption on employees and your business.

Your HR and management team will be able to focus on serving the needs of your remaining employee workforce as we manage all elements of the outplacement program.

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