Pharmaceutical Outplacement Services

Pharmaceutical Outplacement

The Most Proactive Pharmaceutical Outplacement Services in the Industry

Whether you are a niche pharmaceutical company or you operate one of the largest businesses in the world, the influence of legislation or a merger or acquisition can create the need to restructure your business at any time. Our pharmaceutical outplacement teams can help get your business in order so you are prepared for the future, while also taking care of the present.

The expertise and knowledge of employees working in the pharmaceutical industry needs to be matched with Career Managers who understand the ins- and outs of the industry.  PathFinder Information specializes in matching your employees with career manager experienced in transitioning pharmaceutical employees into new roles. Our pharmaceutical outplacement teams work hard to make sure your displaced employees receive the most proactive and successfully outplacement services in the industry.

The Pharmaceutical Outplacement Service That Delivers Results

Having been extensively involved in the pharmaceutical industry in combination with our resume distribution program, we are experts at aligning professionals and their skills with organizations whom we have developed relationships with over the years.  Our relationships result in many of your transitioning employees, who are part of PathFinder’s pharmaceutical outplacement program, achieving a higher interview and subsequent placement rate than those that are not using the PathFinder Information outplacement services.  

We take on the desires and aspirations of the individual to guide, support and educate them on the best way to achieve their career goals.

For your business, you get a dedicated team of Pharmaceutical outplacement professionals whose ultimate aim is to make sure your organization’s restructuring or downsizing do not impact on your bottom line. Our outplacement team can instruct you on hiring and firing laws so your Human Resources team can concentrate on the day-to-day running of your business.

Further Reasons To Choose PathFinder Information For Pharmaceutical Outplacement?

  • Every pharmaceutical outplacement program is different and we adapt our model to reflect the needs of your organization.
  • Transitioning employees are given access to unlimited support during their outplacement program to ensure a move forward in his or her career.
  • We understand attributes such as the desire to help people, ability to work with others, an outgoing personality, problem solving, decision-making and time management skills are all important in the pharmaceutical industry. This insight allows PathFinder Information to better serve the displaced employees as well as those remaining with your business.
  • Employees will have access to a network of top hiring managers and recruiters across the country to help propel their job search.

Every industry is unique and poses its own challenges to an outplacement service provider but at PathFinder Information we have been successfully working with pharmaceutical companies for many years and we would enjoy the opportunity to assist you and your transition.

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