Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is PathFinder Information?

PathFinder Information is an outplacement firm dedicated to supporting the career advancement of professionals of all ages, in all industries. PathFinder Information assists transitioning employees of Fortune 500 companies, as well as small to midsize organizations by effectively providing the most proactive and cutting edge job search tools in the outplacement industry. PathFinder Information’s outplacement experts combine specialized expertise with extensive 
knowledge of the recruiting industry and the employment market to ensure clients receive optimum job search results.


What is the difference between an Outplacement Firm and a Recruiting Firm?

Organizations use an Outplacement Firm when their firm is going through a transition period.  This transition period can include:

  • Reduction in Force
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Top Grading Talent
  • Relocation of an office

Organizations use outplacement firms to protect their company's brand, thank their transitioning employees for their dedication to the firm, reduce litigation fees, and increase productivity of their retained workforce.

A traditional Recruiting Firm is hired by a company to help them find a candidate with particular skills and expertise. The recruiting firm will source candidates using a wide array of methods and present those candidates to the hiring company. If the company decides to hire the recruiting firm’s candidate, the hiring company will pay the recruiting firm a placement fee. Recruiters can only help a candidate find a new position if the recruiter is currently working on a search that is a good match or fit for the candidate.


What Outplacement services does PathFinder Information offer?

PathFinder Information offers a wide array of outplacement services to transitioning employees.  Our main outplacement services include:

  • Career Coaching - At the beginning of the outplacement program, the transitioning employee with be matched with a career manager who specializes in their particular field. The transitioning employees will have unlimited access to their outplacement career manager during their outplacement program length.  The topics a career manager can review include but are not limited to interview preparation, how to utilize LinkedIn for a job search, offer negotiation tactics, and reviewing career goals and aspirations.
  • Resume Creation/Optimization - Our outplacement teams can help optimize the transitioning employee's resume for the type of role they are looking to pursue.  Do not have a resume?  Our outplacement career management team can help create one from scratch.
  • LinkedIn Branding - LinkedIn has quickly become one of the major tools hiring managers and recruiters use to source candidates.  Our LinkedIn branding experts can key word optimize a job seeker's LinkedIn profile to ensure the profile is coming up on the radar screen of recruiters and hiring managers.
  • Lead Distribution - Our  outplacement team sends leads to you that meet your criteria.

Along with our main outplacement services the transitioning employees we work with have access to our online project management platform, PathFinder Information's exclusive corporate partners job board, and our ultimate job search guide.


How long is a typical job search?

On average an Executive job search can last between 4-8 months from the start of a job search to their first day of their new position.   A Mid-level career job search can last between 3-6 months if the job seekers is proactively looking for a new position. An Entry-Level job search can be as short at one month or can last up to three months.  Many variables can affect this average, which include relocation, start date flexibility, holiday seasons, and the length of the hiring company’s interview process.  PathFinder Information’s Outplacement Career Managers can coach clients on expectations for landing a position based on their industry, position, and seasonality of their job search.


Why do PathFinder Clients receive more success?

PathFinder Information provides the most revolutionary outplacement services in the industry.  As the only firm in the industry with a Lead Distribution program, the transitioning employees we work with see better and faster results than the industry's average.  Our outplacement career managers employ job market expertise to help their job seekers navigate the job market.  Our team has created outplacement programs to maximize the job search of our clients and with an 82% percent placement rate, our results are unmatched!


Does PathFinder Information help Individual job seekers?

PathFinder Information works with a wide variety of individual professionals across all industries and vertical markets.  Executives who do not have the time to put into an active job search often decide on PathFinder’s Executive Consultation Program. Clients who had difficulty gaining traction on their job search before coming to PathFinder, find they are receiving more interviews and new opportunities aligned with their background and experience while participating in PathFinder’s programs.  Whatever a job seeker’s situation, PathFinder has a service to help land a new career advancing opportunity.

PathFinder Information can work with candidates to help maximize the results of their job search. PathFinder Information has the relationships and expertise to get a job seeker's resume directly in front of hiring managers and decision makers. Since PathFinder Information does not require a placement fee if a company were hire a PathFinder candidate, hiring managers are more inclined to interview PathFinder candidates. If you are looking for the most proactive approach to your job search - PathFinderInformation has the solution for you!

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