Consumer Goods Outplacement Services

Consumer Goods Outplacement

The Need For PathFinder Information’s Consumer Goods Outplacement Programs

Is your business operating in a market that is changing quicker than your business model allows? If this is the case then you may need to undergo a restructure, which means engaging with a successful consumer goods outplacement service provider such as PathFinder Information.

The PathFinder Information consumer goods outplacement is capable of delivering improved business results, more satisfied employees and a better corporate brand by providing opportunities for former employees to seek new and rewarding challenges in a role of their choosing.

From advertising, to gaming, to fashion to non-durable goods, our expertise within the consumer goods outplacement industry is far-reaching and greater than our competitors.  We use our proactive resume distribution program and network of corporate hiring partners, to help get your employees back to work faster than industry standards.

Understanding Our Consumer Goods Outplacement Service

There are many disciplines within the various markets that make up the consumer goods industry and one of our roles, as part of the consumer goods outplacement industry, is to help you identify which are critical to the ongoing growth of your business. We understand people are not numbers and while their skills can be ticked off a list other attributes need to be measured.  This is why we can match each of your employees with a career manager who specializes in a Consumer Goods job search. 

For participating employees in PathFinder Information’s consumer goods outplacement program, the services provided can include:

  • Professional Resume Writing and Optimization
  • Personalized Resume Distribution
  • LinkedIn Branding And Optimization
  • PathFinder Information Job Search Management Platform
  • Interviewing Techniques And Preparation
  • Job Search Strategies And Networking
  • Access to PathFinder Information’s Exclusive Job Board And Hiring Partners  

Customized Consumer Goods Outplacement Support

Not only do we offer customized support to the employees involved in the program but also the overall program is adapted to your organization. Whether you’re a small, medium or large firm, our consumer goods outplacement service can be outplacement firm you have been looking to partner with.

We know unstructured, overly complicated or poorly managed career transition programs cannot only impact the outgoing employees, but also your organization’s future hiring brand. PathFinder Information’s goal is to make sure you and all your employees achieve the outcomes they want so you can focus on your organization’s future success!

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