Biotech Outplacement Services

Biotech Outplacement

At PathFinder Information We Offer Biotechnology Outplacement Programs That Are Right For Your Firm

In the exciting world of biotech it is easy to forget a businesses in this industry are constantly going through change, which may mean you will need to embark on a Biotechnology Outplacement program.

The PathFinder Information Biotechnology Outplacement program will help retain the employees who are most valuable to your continued growth, and coach those displaced employees through their career transition. All displaced employees will be given first-rate career advice and access to a nationwide network of hiring and recruitment specialists within the biotech industry.

How Our Biotechnology Outplacement Program Can Help You

PathFinder Information has been operating in the outplacement sector for a number of years so we are experts in delivering tailored programs that reflect the needs of your organization.

Our biotechnology outplacement program will create a streamlined employee workforce that is better suited to responding to the changing demands of the market. Retained employees not part of the biotechnology outplacement program can sometimes be forgotten but our service can actually lead to an increase in the retained staff motivation by showing your employees you care about their well-being.

Employees who transition through the biotechnology outplacement program are provided with tools, guidance and access to information that allows them to make their next career move in a positive manner.

What Displaced Employees Will Receive From PathFinder Information’s Biotechnology Outplacement Program

In order to help your employees with their transition, we offer:

  • Professional Resume Writing
  • Personalized Resume Distribution
  • LinkedIn Branding and Optimization
  • PathFinder Information Job Search Management Platform
  • Interviewing Techniques and Preparation
  • Job Search Strategies and Networking
  • Access to PathFinder Information’s Exclusive Job Board and Hiring Partners

These outplacement services result in a much higher interview and hiring success rate for those employees looking to remain in the biotech industry. We take the skills gained from our own experience of placing professionals within the biotech industry to best match the displaced employees with the most appropriate hiring firms.  

Due to the way our biotechnology outplacement program is run, in a consultative manner, it delivers results both for the employee and for your busin

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