Manufacturing and Industrial Outplacement Services

Manufacturing and Industrial Outplacement

PathFinder Information The Provider Of Manufacturing Outplacement Services

Manufacturing within the United States is the bedrock of the economy, which is way you need an outplacement partner to help you navigate a sensitive time within your organization.

When tough business decisions need to be made, turning to a specialist provider of manufacturing outplacement services such as PathFinder Information can make all the difference between success and failure for your business.

Whether you are a niche manufacturing firm operating out of one location or a large global company, our manufacturing outplacement service will be of use to you at some stage during the life of your business.

The Manufacturing Outplacement Service With A Difference

Unlike other providers of manufacturing outplacement services we do not concentrate on purely cutting costs and seeing your employees in financial terms. We take the time to understand your business and identify what it needs in order to move forward.

Employees that take part in our manufacturing outplacement program are treated as individuals and given the support and guidance they each need to make a success transition. For some, this may be greater than others but each member of the program will have access to a wide range of resources, including but not limited too.

  • Professional Career Coaching
  • Professional Resume Writing
  • Personalized Resume Distribution
  • LinkedIn Branding and Optimization
  • Access to PathFinder Information’s Exclusive Job Board and Hiring Partners

The help we provide during the transition phase of their career helps many members of the manufacturing outplacement service find roles within the industry much quicker than if they had not utilized our manufacturing outplacement services.

An Efficient Manufacturing Outplacement Service

Employees that remain within a firm following a redeployment program can often be left unmotivated and disillusioned particularly if the program is slow, badly managed and results in litigation against the firm.

The model PathFinder Information uses for its manufacturing outplacement program prevents all of this from happening. We limit the impact that the program has on your firm’s bottom line and we provide advice on employment law so your team can concentrate on looking after your retain employees rather than be concerned by the threat of lawsuits.

As PathFinder Information places people in new career opportunities, our manufacturing outplacement team can turn what some might perceive as a negative situation into a positive outcome.  Contact our Manufacturing Outplacement Team today to learn more!

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