Retail and Apparel Outplacement Services

Retail and Apparel Outplacement

Retail And Apparel Outplacement Solution Is There When You Need It

Any business owner knows change is constant and as a result the workforce may need to change too. If you are looking to downsize, upgrade talent, restructure or manage executive team changes then PathFinder Information’s retail and apparel outplacement programs can do this for you.

Our outplacement services and solutions go far beyond simply hiring and firing as our Retail and Apparel outplacement teams manage the transition in such a way that has the least impact on your bottom line and provides the greatest future opportunity for those employees impacted thus protecting 

Rising To The Challenges Of Retail And Apparel Outplacement

At PathFinder our retail and apparel outplacement solution not only ensures your business moves to an operating model that best allows it to exploit market opportunities in the future but that its current reputation and brand is not tarnished by laying off employees.

All retail and apparel outplacement solutions are handled in a responsible, professional and strategic way, which can actually lead to an increase in staff motivation.

For the employee participating in the retail and apparel outplacement program we not only provide advice on how to write a standout resume but we also proactively get this resume directly to hiring managers at other firms who we know are recruiting candidates. This gives your displaced employees a far greater chance of landing their next dream role and it a key factor for out 81% placement rate

All members who are part of PathFinder’s retail and apparel outplacement program will be given access to a vast range of information, support and guidance via our Job Search Management Platform, which has benefits for everyone from Store Assistant to CEO.

Industry Wide Expertise

Our retail and apparel outplacement solutions support employees involved in all disciplines of the industry including but not limited to, customer service, marketing, management, logistics, sales and quality control.

We work with your former employees to encourage them to present their additional skills such as, professionalism, reliability, experience and honesty to give them the greatest chance of moving their career forward.

And because you used the PathFinder Information retail and apparel outplacement program, they will have access to hiring managers and recruiters within the national retail and apparel space as we operate in all of the largest cities in the country.

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