Chicago Outplacement Services

Chicago Outplacement Services

PathFinder Information demonstrated outplacement consultants are experts in the job market and recruiting industry.  PathFinder Information Chicago outplacement has successfully assisted companies of all sizes in running Chicago outplacement projects of all scopes.  With over 17 locations across the country, PathFinder Information Chicago Outplacement professionals have local and nationally reach to assist outgoing employees land a job opportunity quicker and ensure your retained employees stay productive and dedicated.

Knowledgeable Chicago Outplacement Experts

Downsizing, change management, restructuring, and talent upgrading, your PathFinder Information Chicago outplacement team is dedicated to working with your HR and Executive team during the restructuring period.  Companies work with PathFinder Information Chicago outplacement to meet the needs of their organization by managing your company’s restructuring and helping you retain your top employees with effective employer band management. PathFinder Information will be the resource for your departing employees to coach them on the job search market and help them land their next career quickly and successfully.

How can you Manage Your Reputation while Downsizing?

PathFinder Information Chicago Outplacement has the best solution in the industry to maintain your reputation during a downsizing event.  Investing in outplacement services for your affected employees will encourage a quicker transition into another career opportunity.  Retained employees will also be encouraged to know their employers care about their well-being and will remain productive, engaged, and loyal to their current firm.  Provide your transitioning employees with the most effect career transition program in the market: PathFinder Information’s Chicago Outplacement.

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