Lead Distribution

Lead Distribution


What is Lead Distribution?

Many of our candidates simply don’t have the time to spend hours on LinkedIn and other job boards looking for positions. Our Research team finds the opportunities based on what you specify on your Distribution form and will post these leads to your Candidate portal weekly. Once you apply to a specific position, you would then notify your team so they can follow up accordingly. You can also specify on your Distribution Form companies you would like to work for even if they currently don’t have any openings. We can reach out to those companies with your resume and cover letter introducing your background.

How does PFI follow up once a candidate has applied for a position?

Once you apply to a position we have given you or you find for yourself you need to let your team know by noting it on your Career Portal. If it is a lead you found please place this information on the yellow pad at the bottom of your portal. Our team will then add this position to our database and reach out to multiple hiring authorities within the company making them aware you have applied to there position. It is also helpful for you to be proactive in the job search by connecting with Hiring authorities on LinkedIn for each company you do apply to.  

Get started today and accelerate your job search and land your next job opportunity!

All Pathfinder Lead Distribution Packages Include:

  • Resume Assessment
  • Real time updates for complete program transparency
  • Contact Information for top-level Hiring Managers and Recruiters
  • Access to PathFinder’s Career Management Portal
  • Interview Preparation Guide
  • Personalized Job Search Account Manager
  • Resume distribution to client provided companies
  • Resume Distribution of resume to all Hiring Managers of PathFinder sourced companies
  • Real time data, updates, and Interview notifications for complete program transparency
  • PFI team will source companies directly related to candidates background and profile
  • List of Executive Search Firms
  • PathFinder’s Interview Preparation Guide
  • Weekly Status Reports on Job Search Activity
  • Storage for all Career Documents
  • PathFinder Successful Job Search Tactics Program Outline
  • Continuous Hiring Manager follow-up 
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