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Philadelphia Outplacement

Looking for the very best Philadelphia Outplacement services?

PathFinder Information is the leading outplacement service provider to businesses and organizations in Philadelphia. We work towards building the success and welfare of all our clients’ companies by helping their transitioning employees find their next career opportunity quickly in Philadelphia and the surrounding markets. That is the reason why we are highly regarded in the industry, since there is no one better than our outplacement team when it comes to providing exceptional Philadelphia outplacement services to organizations. With PathFinder Information, your business will be able to take advantage of our Philadelphia outplacement services and achieve your organization’s goals by mitigating legal cost, unemployment, and protecting your brand image.

PathFinder Information specializes in working with organizations going through:

  • Reduction in Workforce
  • Business/Office Relocation Support
  • Executive Outplacement
  • Mergers and Acquisitions

Philadelphia Outplacement that guarantees phenomenal results

Along with career coaching, resume optimization and LinkedIn branding, Pathfinder Information uses a Resume Distribution program, which allows individuals to have their resumes get directly in the hands of any hiring managers and recruiters in Philadelphia. Your transitioning employees will land more interviews which will lead to more transitioning candidates getting back in the job market.  Working with our Philadephia outplacement team, we can help your employees and the organization achieve their goals so it’s a win-win situation for both parties.

PathFinder Information’s reach in Philadelphia’s job market is unmatched, since we have strong connections with all major organizations in the city. We have the latest technology and the best methods for guaranteeing a surplus of interviews and callbacks. No matter what outplacement services you are looking to provide your employees, we can ensure great success for your organization with our outplacement services!

The best consultants for Philadelphia Outplacement

PathFinder Information outplacement program is highly rated and regarded by many of the most reputable and trusted organizations in Philadelphia. We have the best career coaches in the industry who ensure your transitioning employees receive the most effective outplacement solutions in the market.   Our professional outplacement consultants can help coach your transitioning employees in interview preparation, salary negotiation, among many other job search topics.

We provide our outplacement services throughout the country with over 16 nationwide locations, and can provide your employees with both a local and national job search. If you have questions about our outplacement services, you should call our office today and inquire how we can build an outplacement strategy for your organization. Contact us now to find the best services for outplacement in Philadelphia!

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